Tellus Holdings Ltd

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Level 10, Unit 2
151 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW NSW
Australia 2000

61 2 82573395
ABN  97138119829

Company Profile

Tellus Holdings Ltd ("Tellus") is an infrastructure development company in the business of creating economic, social and environmental value from waste, clay and salt resources. This dual revenue model involves mining the commodities kaolin clay and rock salt in thick dry remote beds which creates world's best practice geological repositories. The voids created by mining are then used to store equipment, archives or waste using a multi barrier system as part of an overall safety case. Tellus plans to permanently isolate hazardous waste using environmentally sound management (ESM) principles that protect the environment and human health. Tellus also supports the circular economy using long term storage by placing like-with-like materials for operational safety reasons and to create opportunities for the future recovery of valuable materials. Tellus' business model mirrors international solutions operating in the UK, Europe and North America.